About 500 rockets have already been fired at Israel, shelling continues

Palestinian radicals continue to bombard Israel with hundreds of rockets.

During the first day of clashes between Israel and members of the Islamic Jihad radical movement, more than 380 rockets were fired into Israel, and during the second day the total number of rockets fired has already reached 500 units. About a quarter of the rockets fell on the Gaza Strip, which also caused destruction and death among civilians, while the vast majority most of the missiles were shot down by IDF air defenses - the interception efficiency was about 95% (according to the results of repelling strikes during the first day).

At the moment, there is evidence that the radicals are trying to wear down Israeli air defense systems in order to subsequently begin to deliver more effective strikes. According to experts, Israeli air defense systems can repel up to 5 thousand strikes, after which a serious crisis will begin in air defense systems, expressed both in the wear of system elements and in the limited ammunition to repel attacks.

Among other things, the Islamic Jihad radicals threatened Israel with long-range missile strikes, the latter could only be delivered to the territory of Palestine from Iran. This may lead to the fact that Israel can deploy a front against the Islamic Republic.