Rocket blast


Over 300 missiles launched in Israel - Tel Aviv in shock

Palestinians responded to Israeli aggression with powerful rocket fire.

Israel’s nightly aggression against the residents of the Gaza Strip came as a shock to Tel Aviv. In response to the air strikes, Palestinians attacked the territory of the Jewish state with more than 300 rockets, resulting in at least 30 casualties, and according to several sources, four more were killed.

Despite the photos and video footage from the site of the missile strikes being actively distributed by Israeli citizens, the Israel Defense Forces unexpectedly announced that the country's missile defense systems were extremely effective in repelling missile strikes - 90% of the missiles were destroyed long before reaching the targets.

However, just a few hours earlier, the Israeli Defense Forces announced that only 50 were shot down from the 20 missiles launched through the territory of the Jewish state, indicating that the effectiveness of repulsing attacks was of the order of 40%.

It should be clarified that a number of sources report that the Israeli missile defense systems worked with some oddities, in particular, they reported launching anti-missile missiles without the necessary need, i.e., in other words, missiles were launched without airborne targets.

Since Soviet times, as the anti-Israeli propaganda went on, the rulers are changing, and things are still there! The top fraternizes with those whom the whole world calls terrorists for their activities, only the Russian top is called by the opposition !!! In Chechnya, they were terrorists, oppositionists firing on Israeli territory! Russia - double standards ??

Israel eliminated one of the leaders of the Islamists, the main ideologist of rocket attacks on Israel in recent years. What does the residents of the Gaza Strip. If you write, then write the truth, not any nonsense about what kind of Jews are villains. Do not be like the tabloids of the yellow press.

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