Strike on Israel


More than a hundred rockets have been launched in Israel - there are victims and victims. Video

The Israeli missile defense system again failed before a massive missile strike from the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli side’s military operation to liquidate one of the Palestinian leaders turned into serious problems - more than a hundred missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip through Israel, most of which the Israeli missile defense system successfully passed through air defense deployment areas.

As can be seen in the presented video frames, the launch of missiles from the Gaza Strip was carried out singly, however, even despite this fact, the missiles successfully reach Israeli territory.

The information regarding the dead and wounded is very contradictory - according to some reports, the number of victims reaches 25 people, while it is reported that at least three people died.

According to some reports, the Palestinians used new missiles against Israel, which is partially confirmed by photographs taken by random witnesses of the shelling, which may well explain why the Israeli missile defense systems showed extremely low effectiveness.