A new missile strike was inflicted on Snake Island - landing on the island is no longer possible

As a result of the missile strike on Zmeiny Island, landing on it is no longer possible.

A few hours ago, a missile strike was launched on Zmeiny Island, as a result of which several objects on the island and the pier were destroyed, which makes landing on the island and transporting various types of weapons here no longer possible in the near future.

As it became known, the pier on Zmeiny Island was destroyed specifically in order to prevent the subsequent transfer of units and military equipment to the island, including coastal missile systems, air defense systems and tactical missile weapons. Judging by the satellite image, the pier was so critically damaged that it is no longer possible to somehow deliver military equipment and weapons to the island. At the same time, among other things, the blow was delivered on a special slope, which small landing craft could enter.

It is noteworthy that the attacks on Zmeiny Island were carried out twice - initially, the strikes were carried out by a combat aircraft (according to sources, we are talking about a fighter, and according to others - about a bomber), and then, most likely, with the help of an unmanned aircraft.