Attacks on the port of Tartus, where Russian ships and submarines are located

Israeli military aircraft launched missile strikes on the port of Tartus.

Despite Russia's repeated warnings that any Israeli aggression against Syria is unacceptable (and agreements have been reached between the Russian and Israeli sides to prevent conflict situations in the Arab Republic), a few hours ago, Israeli fighter jets launched a series of strikes right on the port of Tartus, where Russian warships and submarines. This is reported by a columnist for the Syrian edition of SAA News.

According to a Syrian journalist for the Syrian Arab Army News, Israel launched a surprise raid on the port of Tartus, inflicting several strikes. Later, according to the Syrian observer, the Syrian air defense systems began to work, thanks to which it was possible to successfully shoot down several fired missiles.

“Israeli warplanes are making a series of raids on the port of Tartus from Lebanese airspace. Explosions sounded in the sky over the province of Tartus. Syrian air defense systems began to confront enemy targets in the sky over Tartus- said in the message.

On the video footage presented, you can see how strikes are being made on the port of Tartus, a consequence of Israeli military air raids. It is noteworthy that the strike was delivered from the airspace of neighboring Lebanon. This points to the fact that the Israeli pilots did not dare to attack the port of Tartus, where Russian warships with advanced air defense systems are located, in the front. However, there is a photograph that is said to be of the fire that started after the strikes, although information on this has not yet been confirmed.


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