Rocket strike


Saudi Arabia hit by long-range ballistic missile

An unknown ballistic missile struck Saudi Arabia.

Tonight, a long-range ballistic missile struck the city of Dammam in eastern Saudi Arabia. The launch area of ​​the ballistic missile has not yet been established, however, it successfully hit a certain target. According to a number of assumptions, we are talking about the next oil storage. At the same time, experts are considering two likely directions of attack: Iran and Yemen.

On the presented video frames, which were at the disposal of the information and news agency, you can see the moment of flight of an unknown tactical ballistic missile and the subsequent strike. Apparently, the Saudi air defense / missile defense systems did not even attempt to intercept the ballistic target, as indicated by the absence of anti-missile launches.

Judging by the video frames presented, the rocket flew from a southern or southwestern direction. This may indicate that Yemeni rebels are behind the launch, however, given the presence of Iranian forces in the region, Iran may also be behind the attack on Saudi Arabia.

At the moment, Riyadh has not published any statements on this matter. If the launch was carried out from the territory of Yemen, the range of the ballistic missile should be about 1,5-2 thousand kilometers, and previously there were no such missiles in service with the Houthis.

Wasn't there a destroyer in the Arabian Sea at that time ???



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