Attack on saudi arabia


No less than 19 cruise missiles launched in Saudi Arabia

At least 19 cruise missiles were fired from Yemen in Saudi Arabia.

According to sources, at least 19 cruise missiles and about a dozen unmanned aerial vehicles were released from Yemen in Saudi Arabia, most of which successfully hit oil-producing and oil-refining enterprises in the west of the kingdom. The US missile defense systems, which were on the missile route, were only able to shoot down two Yemeni rebel missiles and an 4 drone, while 17 cruise missiles successfully hit their targets.

In the satellite images presented, you can see that the 17 cruise missiles successfully hit the oil storages and the infrastructure of oil refineries, while earlier the Hussites claimed that they had hundreds of missiles that were copies of the Soviet X-55 cruise missiles.

Despite the fact that Washington has already managed to blame Iran for what happened, Saudi Arabia doubted this version and does not blame Tehran for the attack, realizing that in this case the situation in the region can be seriously aggravated, especially since Yemeni rebels took full responsibility for attacking yourself.

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