Nearly 20 blows were dealt to Slavyansk in 100 seconds

Nearly 20 blows were dealt to Slavyansk in 100 seconds.

Tonight the territory of Slavyansk was heavily bombarded. The corresponding video frames were filmed by an outdoor surveillance camera, which managed to capture how, literally in 20 seconds, about a hundred strikes were inflicted on the territory of the city and its environs.

On video frames taken by a surveillance camera, you can see how about a hundred explosions thundered in the sky over Slavyansk around midnight. At the moment, it remains unknown whether we are talking about the use of multiple launch rocket systems or the use of other weapons, however, all the explosions occurred in fact in 20 seconds, which can be seen on the corresponding video.

Today, significant forces are concentrated in Slavyansk, including heavy armored vehicles. This does not exclude the possibility that it was the presence of significant forces that became the reason for the infliction of multiple strikes, however, at the current moment there are no official statements on this subject yet.

At the same time, there is information that the American Himars MLRS, which have recently caused a lot of trouble, may be deployed in the Slavyansk region. This, quite likely, may indicate the fact that it was the latter who were targeted.