Fighter F-16


Four F-16 fighters struck Stepanakert at once

After Russia hit the Turkish jihadist camp, Erdogan gave the order to strike at Stepanakert.

Several hours ago, Russian military journalists on the territory of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic reported that a group of Turkish F-16 fighters had dealt a powerful blow to the NKR capital. According to sources of, four F-16 fighters of the Turkish Air Force took part in the strike, and the order was personally given by Recep Erdogan after Russian bombers destroyed the camp of Turkish jihadists, who were preparing to be sent to Karabakh, in Syria.

"URGENTLY. Turkish F-16 aircraft launched a massive attack on civilian facilities and infrastructure in Stepanakert. Sources of @wargonzo in Istanbul report that the Turkish Air Force was attacking the cities of Artsakh on the personal orders of Erdogan. Among the targets was the maternity hospital of the capital of Artsakh. I have no words. We all see - what a new history of Turkey she is, which Erdogan writes so diligently ", - about it сообщает project "Wargonzo".

A series of powerful strikes on Stepanakert were indeed delivered, which indicates that the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh now affects Russian and Turkish interests, which does not exclude the possibility that in the near future Russia may be involved in a forceful resolution of the conflict, however, at the same time , Turkey can also intervene in the situation, which can lead to a full-scale disaster for the entire region.

Are there no air defense systems in Armenia anymore?

You can't wait ... the Russian people are buried forever.

You can see, too, have forgotten the history of Russia, the captured Muslim cities, as well as the forced baptism of the Tatars and other peoples. To be at the level of the Turks, first, at least sort out your zhknschina and start giving birth, the population of the Russian Federation will be depopulated, for another thirty years, and not like Constantinople, your churches here in Russia will have to be remodeled in the mosque.

Wisely and consistently ...

The journalists accurately identified Erdogan's order and the modification of fighters and their affiliation, etc. Only for this reason they do not write how the Armenians are bombing and bombing the Azerbaijani cities of Ganja, Terter, Berde and others, which are far from Nagorno-Karabakh, where they die civilians, including children ... Probably there is no instruction from above to write about this ...

You Turks have forgotten Constantinople is a Christian city, and a church of Christians could not be turned into a mosque. We RUSSIANS will not convert you to Orthodoxy, as you converted Christians to Muslims in Serbia and Bulgaria, we will take our shrines and you will live and reckon with this.

There were four F-16s for each object, Erdogan sent 16 units to the maternity hospital. The Armenians, as always, don't finish talking ...

So here Putin and Erdogan met