Himars carried out 95 strikes on the territory of the LPR in four days

The Luhansk region is being subjected to unprecedented attacks by Ukrainian forces.

Over the past four days, i.e., since the beginning of the referendum on joining the region to the Russian Federation, at least 95 strikes were carried out on the territory of the Lugansk People's Republic only with the use of Himars MLRS. This is only slightly less than the number of American MLRS missiles that were fired on the territory of the LPR over the past month. This indicates that the Ukrainian troops have repeatedly increased the number of attacks using these weapons, even despite the fact that at least 8 such systems were destroyed, according to the Russian defense department.

“During the period of the referendum on joining the Russian Federation (from 23.09.2022/27.09.2022/17 to 11/142/82), the Representative Office of the LPR in the JCCC recorded: 155 attacks by the armed formations of Ukraine on 6 settlements of the Republic using NATO weapons, the American MLRS MXNUMX HIMARS ( XNUMX rockets) and XNUMX-mm artillery pieces (XNUMX shells)", - reports the representative office of the Luhansk People's Republic in the JCCC.

After the publication of the report, at least 13 more strikes were carried out on the territory of the LPR using the Himars MLRS, as a result of which the total number of strikes increased to 95.

Whether the situation in the region will worsen after the Luhansk People's Republic voted to join the Russian Federation is unknown, but so far no withdrawal of Ukrainian weapons has been recorded.


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