Shahid drones, cruise missiles and guided bombs hit the territory of Ukraine

The night attack on Ukraine was large-scale and combined.

According to the speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuriy Ignat, unmanned aerial vehicles, guided bombs, and cruise missiles were used to strike on the territory of Ukraine. As a result of the use of various types of weapons, in combination with the use of electronic warfare, it was possible to completely suppress the air defense systems of Ukraine. This, as a result, led to large-scale destruction in the Sumy region, Krivoy Rog and other regions of Ukraine.

“It all started in the evening when the enemy attacked the Odessa region. Two Kh-59 missiles were destroyed. The attack also continued from the north of our country, about 10 Su-35 aircraft attacked the Sumy region with guided aerial bombs ... More than 10 of these guided bombs attacked objects in the Sumy region. There losses are specified. There were also Shahids who attacked the north of the country and Krivoy Rog. There are 5 arrivals, out of 6 UAVs released around the city "- said Ignat.

The transition to combined attacks provides an opportunity to hinder the work of air defense systems, moreover, in such a case, mobile air defense posts simply cannot predict how they will react to strikes.

It is not yet specified which targets were hit, however, apparently, the work of Ukrainian air defense systems turned out to be extremely ineffective.


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