At least 40 cruise missiles fired in Ukraine - due to explosions, railway communication was stopped, water, light and heat disappeared

Explosions in Ukraine have become one of the largest in recent months.

The territory of Ukraine was subjected to one of the largest missile strikes in recent months. At the moment, it is known that the vast majority of missiles hit their targets, which, according to local sources, were energy and military infrastructure facilities.

At the moment, it is known that as a result of attacks on energy infrastructure facilities on the territory of Ukraine, railway communication has been partially stopped, and in a number of regions there is almost no electricity, water and heat supply. Explosions are also reported at a number of military facilities, including the Pavlograd transport hub, from where military equipment is transferred to the Donbass.

Video footage published by residents of the Ukrainian regions indicates that most of the strikes had a devastating effect, even despite the work of air defense systems.


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