At least 7 strikes inflicted on Zaporozhye at night

One of the large-scale strikes fell on Zaporozhye.

Tonight, Zaporizhzhya was hit by one of the heaviest blows in recent months. According to journalists, we are talking about at least seven strikes, however, the latter were not delivered by drones, as was originally supposed, but by missiles, which indicates their efficiency.

As a result of numerous strikes, there are serious destructions, however, as it was found out, the key reason for the need to strike was the active pulling of Ukrainian troops into the region - at the moment, one of the largest groupings of Ukrainian troops is recorded in the region for the entire time of the NMD, as reported by Vladimir Rogov, head of the administration of the Zaporozhye region.

With the use of which weapons the attacks were carried out, it is not known, however, based on the fact that the air raid was not announced at the time of the attack, the latter were of an operational nature, since recently kamikaze strike drones have been used much more actively for other purposes.

There are no other details on this subject so far, and therefore it is not yet possible to make an objective conclusion, especially since it remains unknown which targets were hit by other missiles.


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