Ballistic missile launch


The building of the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia fired ballistic missiles

Hussites said rocket hit the building of the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi air defense / missile defense forces recorded ballistic missile launches at Riyadh airport and the city of Taif (western Saudi Arabia) 70 kilometers east of Mecca. Launches were made from the territory of Yemen. The city of Taif is the place where the summer residence of the government is located.

According to the information services of the Middle East, rockets are launched by Hussites.

The military of Saudi Arabia to intercept missiles used anti-missile systems "Patriot", purchased by the Saudis previously from the United States. According to official information, the use of the Patriot complexes ensured the interception of two missiles. The total number of missiles launched by Hussites in Riyadh and Al-Taif is not reported.

There were publications in the media stating that at least six flashes were detected by residents of the capital of Saudi Arabia during the night, accompanied by a loud sound. As follows from official data, the rocket raid did not lead to casualties.

According to information published in the edition of Al-Masirah, representatives of the Hussites say that one rocket, which broke through the missile defense system of Saudi Arabia, got into the building of the Ministry of Defense of the country. The Saudi military denies this.

There is also evidence that attempts were made by Yemen to attack Saudi territories and unmanned aerial vehicles. In particular, the drones used to attack the city Dzhizan.

Hussite attacks are allegedly due to the fact that the Saudi coalition resumed operations aimed at taking control of the Yemeni port of Hodeidah.