Massed rocket strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were inflicted on the railway junction in Ilovaisk

Ilovaisk came under massive rocket fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The attack by the Ukrainian military was aimed at the Ilovaisk railway junction, resulting in damage to the infrastructure. It is known that the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was targeted, however, in addition to information about the damage to the electrical substation, there are no other objective data on damage and destruction at the railway junction by the current moment.

According to sources, some of the missiles were intercepted by air defense systems, and therefore extremely serious damage was avoided. However, judging by the number of HIMARS MLRS missile launches, the APU intended to cause maximum damage to the railway junction.

Originally posted by local residents, photographs of the site of the rocket attacks have since been removed, however, there are photographs of the damaged electrical substation.

Ilovaisk is an important railway junction, which provides an opportunity to transport goods across almost the entire part of the Donbass.


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