Loukosterov victory


"Victory" opened the sale of tickets from Rostov-on-Don, Baku and Tbilisi

Airline "Victory" starts selling tickets to Baku and Tbilisi, Rostov-on-Don.

Currently, flights to Baku and Tbilisi have already arrived to the public, while actually carried out flights to the capital of Azerbaijan and Georgia will be starting from the 30 1 October and November, respectively. New passenger flights have become very popular, but, according to some information available to the Avia.pro news agency, flying in these areas are likely to be carried out only until the end of the winter period.

As it became known, passenger flights to the capital of Azerbaijan will be carried out with a frequency of four times a week, while in the "Victory" the capital of Georgia, the airline will fly with a frequency of three times a week.

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