Santa Claus in plane


"The victory of" New Year's heroes allowed free baggage allowance

Russian loukosterov allowed Santa Claus and Snow Maiden for free baggage allowance.

Based on the available data, on the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays, in particular, there is the period from December 27 2016 8, on January 2017 years, passengers, dressed in costumes of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, free carry with them the baggage of up to 10 kg. Innovation is definitely claims to be the original, however, passengers themselves called this approach the airline "Victory" ineffective, because for the entire period, the action certainly will use no more than 2-3 dozen passengers.

Experts note that in order to become a party to the action loukostera "Victory" required to meet certain standards, in particular, to have a complete costume fairy-tale hero, and all the relevant attributes.