Why does Iran not want to buy Russian S-400? Probable cause named

The probable reason for Iran’s refusal from the Russian S-400 is named.

Deliveries of Russian Triumph S-400 air defense systems to Iran are not subject to a UN ban, and Iran can make a deal with Russia at any time, however, despite the existing military threat from the United States and Israel, official Tehran does not want to buy Russian systems. According to some reports, the reason lies not only in the fact that these air defense systems are quite expensive, but also because the complexes can be easily suppressed by American military bases located in the region.

Analysts draw attention to the fact that with the effective range of the radars of the Russian air defense systems, the United States will be able to track their activity from virtually any of its military bases located in the Middle East, and this, in turn, will help to develop measures to counter the Russian S-400. Moreover, Iran is obviously dissatisfied with the absolute inaction of these systems in Syria, and therefore prefers to use its own developments.

Earlier, it was assumed that already in the fall Iran intends to conclude a major contract with Russia for the supply of S-400, however, given the fact that we are talking about defensive weapons, it cannot fall under UN bans and if Tehran were really interested in Russian complexes, then almost certainly signed a contract with Russia now.

Surely the inaction in Syria of these systems is one of the reasons for the failure and the second is that they do not fully believe Russia, thinking
about the likely secret alliance of Russia and Israel. Why do Jews fly and bomb with impunity and why are S_400 silent?

To say the least heresy.
That is, they are ready to use their own developments on the knee, which launch missiles from a slingshot that do not hit the target (for example, the bombing of embassies and US bases), but there are no most advanced technologies because of their possible suppression of the United States.

The logic of the author is iron