The company Dexter


Almost 900 thousand passengers for two months used the services of air taxi in the Saratov region

The services of air taxi in Saratov airport for two months took advantage of almost 900 thousand people.

The unprecedented demand for air travel services on several routes at once is primarily related to the quality of service of current airline routes, and in addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to the low cost of tickets.

Flights on the routes Saratov - Novosibirsk and Saratov - Kazan are operated by the airline "Dexter”, Representatives of which mark an unusually high demand among the passengers, which only underlines the fact that the airline’s leadership has chosen the right path of its development.

In addition, the air taxi service is also provided by the International Airport "Orenburg", where flights are performed on capacious L-410 aircraft, allowing to take on board up to 17 people.

The main peak of air traffic on the indicated route routes is expected to take place in the summer season, in connection with which today's reported figures may increase by another 1.5 times, amounting to about 750 thousand passengers per month.