A well-known Ukrainian militant from the Tornado battalion was destroyed near Bakhmut

A well-known Ukrainian soldier from the Tornado battalion was eliminated near Bakhmut.

Today it became known in the news that a former fighter of the Tornado battalion (recognized as a terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation - ed.) Daniil Lyashuk with the call sign "Mujahid" died in the city of Bakhmut. This was announced by the chaplain Khadzhimurad Putilin.

It is known that "Mujahid" was one of the most famous fighters of the "Tornado" battalion. He has participated in hostilities in eastern Ukraine since 2014.

According to the chaplain, the last video of the "Mujahid" was recorded only 20 hours ago, after which contact with him was finally lost - he was allegedly found dead.

So far, there is no detailed information about how the death of the Mujahideen happened. However, his battalion comrades have already expressed condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased soldier, which confirms the information about his liquidation.

Battalion "Tornado" - was created as a volunteer battalion in 2014 during military operations in eastern Ukraine. It is believed that this formation is involved in the death of civilians.


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