The first Ukrainian Leopard-1A5 tank was destroyed near Kupyansk

During the fighting in the Kupyansky operational direction, the first main battle tank "Leopard-1A5" of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was destroyed. According to reports, the tank was spotted by an optical-electronic reconnaissance copter of the 1st Tank Army or the 25th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Ground Forces. The discovery occurred at a time when the tank was on the march and began firing at the positions of Russian troops.

A few seconds after detection, the target designation was transmitted to one of the crews of the 152 mm artillery gun of the Russian Federation. As a result of a precise hit by a high-explosive fragmentation shell, the Leopard-1A5 tank was disabled. The impact fragments of the 152 mm high-explosive fragmentation projectile apparently penetrated the 30 mm side armor of the tank hull or caused a critical armor effect, damaging the track tracks and immobilizing the vehicle.

This event demonstrates the effectiveness of Russian military tactics and equipment in the conditions of modern military confrontation, and also emphasizes the importance of the use of modern reconnaissance means and accurate artillery fire in military operations.


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