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One of the best Russian anti-drone radars spotted near Luhansk

One of the best Russian radars for combating drones and stealth targets has been spotted in service with the LPR.

An OSCE observation mission noticed one of the best Russian radars for detecting subtle and low-altitude targets deployed in the area of ​​the settlement of Bugaevka, the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic. We are talking about the Kasta-2E1 radar - previously, such weapons were not noticed by the LPR forces, which does not exclude the supply of this radar station from the territory of Russia.

The deployment of the Kasta-2E1 radar station is apparently due to the suspicious activity of the Ukrainian military, and, according to the general report, three Strela-10 short-range anti-aircraft missile systems were also spotted here, which indicates that the forces The LPR, and probably the DPR, are preparing to counter air strikes from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

It should be noted that the Kasta-2E radar has successfully established itself in Syria and Libya - it was thanks to the latter that the forces of the Libyan National Army and the SAA managed to successfully shoot down the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack and reconnaissance drones.

So far, there are no official comments regarding the deployment of the Kasta-2E1 radar station on the territory of the LPR.

When we notice Su - 57 ... then we will believe ... not earlier ...

Interestingly, are observers watching the APU or only watching the LPR?

I read an article about the same radar with a flag about a week ago, but there they honestly wrote about the production dates, starting in 1989. Here, for some reason, they decided not to mention such important dates.

The photo does not show the KASTA-2 radar, the usual first KASTA from the times of the USSR, and this radar is not very good! So-so! I had to operate, I called it - BICYCLE! It is better to use it as a false position, unless only! By the way, why is the flag of Ukraine on it?

The 35H6 and 39H6 have a different platform. Also based on "KamAZ", but structurally different. 51U6 "Casta-2E1" was mounted on the basis of KamAZ-43114, the following versions of "Casta" - on KamAZ-4310.
Discernible structural elements also indicate that it is a 51U6.

The OSCE only has to prove that this radar station was supplied by the Russian Federation - and everything will be just fine. In fact, 51U6 was produced from 1989 to 2003 and could well have been delivered even before the collapse to Ukraine - and stay there, and the place of deployment could have been in the Donbass. Which in itself suggests that it could simply have been adopted as a trophy by the armed forces of the LPNR. Actually, the LDNR armed themselves from the very beginning precisely at the expense of Soviet technology and weapons remaining in warehouses after the collapse of the USSR. The Ukrainian Armed Forces didn’t have the sense to take all this out in due time, and the LPNR used all this wealth since 2015. And there were not only tanks and machine guns. There are guns, there are MANPADS, there is equipment with uniforms, there are communications equipment, MTO, and radar.
That's all. But the OSCE is corrupt for the most part, do not play around. Therefore, they write in such a way that everyone would think: here, they say, it was Russia that supplied the Donbass ... Russia would install a modern radar station capable of simultaneously tracking up to forty air targets with different ceilings and speeds.

If you are more careful, you can understand that all the calculations have long been in positions and the equipment has long crossed the borders, the ammunition has long been identified and delivered. Do you really think that Russia would warn the APU without having any trump cards up its sleeve. Here the stake in the game is much higher than the Crimea. Ours will not just shake their fists in the air.

uav bayraktar already flying to see this miracle of technology?

uav bayraktar already flying to see this miracle of technology?

I only see two Kamaz trucks here. How was the system defined?

The main thing The flag is not battered !!!

And the calculations for "Kasta" - were they recruited from the Luhansk miners, as usual?

know exactly where to shoot? The rocket has arrived - and yeah!