Underwater explosion


Russian nuclear missile exploded at sea near Severodvinsk

Russian nuclear missile exploded at sea.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control Thomas Dinnano said the mysterious explosion in Nyonoks took place when a Russian cruise missile with the Burevestnik nuclear power plant was lifted from the bottom of the sea. Thus, Dinnano officially confirmed previously made assumptions on this subject.

Experts, in turn, also adhere to a similar version, noting that special platforms located at sea, equipped with containers for collecting and storing radioactive materials, emphasize this fact.

The Russian side has not yet responded to Washington’s official statement, however, it is noteworthy that the power plant reported by the Russian Defense Ministry would hardly detonate in this way, moreover, its tests on an offshore platform on which there is virtually no place for tests is more than cryptic.

It should be clarified that previously neighboring states of Russia noted that no radioactive substances were found in the atmosphere, however, in the same Severodvinsk anomalous bursts of radiation were recorded that were more than 20 times the established norm.