Under the blows of Turkey, the Russian military began to retreat from Ain Issa

The militants announced the retreat of the Russian military from Ain Issa.

Three Russian military bases previously located in the Syrian city of Ain Issa, whose purpose was to prevent terrorists from breaking into the region, were evacuated. According to the militants, as a result of powerful artillery strikes, including from the Turkish army, the Syrian army began to retreat to Russian bases, and later, under the cover of Russian Aerospace Forces helicopters, Russian and Syrian forces were also evacuated.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of the evacuation of the Russian and Syrian military from Ain Issa. The convoy contains military trucks, armored personnel carriers and light armored vehicles. At the same time, Russian helicopters are in the sky, organizing the safe withdrawal of the Russian and Syrian military.

At the moment, the information and news agency has information that Russian and Syrian troops were deployed in the area of ​​the settlement of Tel Al-Saman, located north of Raqqa.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the withdrawal of Russian and Syrian forces from Ain Issa. Turkish media are already portraying this as a flight, thereby trying to force the Kurds to surrender the region without clashes. However, earlier the Russian side said that any offensive by Turkish troops and militants would lead to an instant response from Russia, and it is for this reason that the militants still do not dare to take any action.

And why then the Syrian people stand for Assad "dictator"?

Putin's troops are very disciplined. What they said they will do. In the elections to the State Duma, 4500 obligated by absentee ballots voted against the Communist candidate Levashova in the Altai Territory. I just did not understand how Syria treats the Antai Territory. And of course, we eat the Russian guy.

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Are we not ashamed to retreat under the onslaught of the Turks? If it's true?

President Erdogan is fooling us. He has his own goal in Syria. Maintain tensions, make money on migrants and oil

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Şahin Kərimov, we have already discussed this .. When the prisons are overthrown from Central Asia, the homeland of the Indo-Aryan peoples, and Asia Minor, the homeland of the Semitic .. They will clear from their presence at least half of the territory of Russia, starting from the European (here, too, we were the first to you). When the Germanic peoples and the Hungarians liberate the root lands of the Slavs Sorbs, Obodrians, Jacks, Cantarians, Moravians. That's when we are ready to discuss this issue .. But not earlier .. The Russian people were shaped by external circumstances. And only external circumstances can change it again .. It's up to you

And Russia? Didn't she fool and seize other people's territories?

Our troops liberate the area to create hell on earth

Did you play at all? What is the rule? Tactical nuclear weapons have never been used at all, only in computer shooters.

EEEE! You can't say that. These are Russian soldiers, they are like animals, like tigers or panthers! You can't even touch them! In Syria, they are testing new weapons on civilians, and at the same time guarding the criminal dictatorial regime of the criminal Assad. Although this is called a war crime in the civilian world. Why hinder them in such a holy work?

Offensive to the rear.

Tu22m3 is on its way))

Turkey has always fooled you for several centuries, and will fool you now.

So there was an agreement with Putin, because Erdagan is Putin's PARTNER. And against ...

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Turkey has always fooled you for several centuries, and will fool you now.

the story, however, says a little differently.

Two helicopters in the sky - what their task is unknown, three units of equipment turned at the crossroads of the settlement - where they are moving is unknown. What a conclusion, no ... Chatter to inspire the Turks

The calm before the storm. Russians they are cunning and will not let themselves be offended especially by Turkey.

Is it smart to use tactical nuclear weapons in colonial wars, run up, run up like that?))

Let's see whose words are more expensive: Ottoman or Kremlin.

You are really bad, what a nuclear strike. They retreat means either they are fleeing, or the GDP and Erdogan have agreed.

More like an offensive! A convoy of supply vehicles goes to the point of deployment of troops.

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As a rule, they retreat before launching a tactical nuclear strike so that their troops do not fall into the zone of radiation contamination.