Israel-backed militants tried to attack Russian military in Daraa province

Illegal armed groups tried to attack the Russian military in southwestern Syria.

Despite the fact that the Russian side agreed to mediate in negotiations between the Syrian forces and illegal armed groups in the Syrian province of Daraa, guaranteeing the safety of those who are willing to lay down their arms on their own and those who want to cross to northern Syria, it became known about attempts terrorists attack the Russian military.

According to information provided by Qalaat Al Mudiq, an improvised explosive device was defused the day before in one of the areas of the Syrian province of Daraa, where the Russian military is present. Such IEDs are often installed either on a vehicle or along its route.



It is known that the IED was ready for use, but it was possible to detect and neutralize it in a timely manner.

In addition to the version that the militants planned to undermine the Russian military, there was also a version about the intentions of illegal armed groups to create a provocation with the aim of further confrontations in this region.

A whole IED! Yes, even with such an electrical tape. This is no longer an attempt at attack, this is a whole battle! It's time to raise strategic bombers.

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