Syrian Democratic Forces


US-backed Kurdish formations begin blockades of Syrian cities

Syrian Kurds began blockading cities in the north of the republic.

The Syrian Kurds, actively supported by the American military, have prepared a new confrontation with the Syrian government forces by starting a blockade of several cities and towns in northern Syria. According to reports, the Syrian Democratic Forces began a blockade of the city of Hasak, in the northeast of the Arab Republic, blocking the movement of the Syrian military here, the delivery of goods and humanitarian aid.

Kurdish SDF units have taken control of the central part of the city of Hasak and for the third week in a row have prevented the arrival of food, supplies, water tanks, students and workers. The reason for this behavior of the Kurds was the requirements for official Damascus to release 450 prisoners from the Syrian Democratic Forces, the withdrawal of CAA forces from the Kurdish-controlled areas, as well as the provision of social guarantees (provision of medical services, education, etc.).

For obvious reasons, the Syrian army does not intend to conduct any negotiations with the Syrian Democratic Forces - the latter are in a stalemate, especially against the background of Turkey's threat to launch an attack against the Kurds in the north of the country.

Earlier, the Kurdish units were asked to transfer part of the territory under the control of the SAA in exchange for a guarantee of security in the region, however, the latter, apparently under pressure from the United States, refused this.

The Kurds began to rush about looking for preferences, since the United States left them alone with the Turks ... In Astana, the Russian delegation handed over to the Syrian opposition the draft Constitution of the country and among the proposals was the creation of Kurdish autonomy, then there was a statement by the representative of the Kurds Rshad Bienaf that "The Syrian Kurds are not claim autonomy within Syria, their demand is constitutional reform ... "Now they want" treatment, education and social guarantees. " In principle, the requirements are noble and probably doable, but why demand using a blockade ???? )) By the way, having agreed with Damascus and showing loyalty, there would be no obstacles for the release of the detainees. The impression that they want something good for themselves, but have not decided.

and leave them to the Turks. what is the problem?