Fighters F-35


The "cheaper" American F-35 began to cost 2 times more expensive

The American F-35 fighter has become worth more than 200 million dollars.

Despite the statement of Donald Trump that the cost of the fifth-generation American fighter F-35 is actively decreasing, it turned out that the “cheaper” combat aircraft grew in price by almost 2 times - one such fighter will cost the future buyer more than 200 million dollars.

Such information follows from the contract concluded between the USA and Poland for the supply of 32 fifth-generation F-35 fighters for a total amount of 6,5 billion dollars, and this does not include the funds that will be additionally spent on creating all the necessary infrastructure. How it turned out that a combat aircraft decreasing in price turned out to be twice as expensive is not known, but from this fact it follows that the F-35 is almost 6 times more expensive than the Russian Su-57, while the effectiveness of the "American" is still in doubt.

It should be clarified that the day before it became known that the US Department of State approved the sale of the fifth generation F-35 fighter to Poland, however, no dates were announced for the start and completion of the delivery of these combat aircraft to the Polish Air Force.

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