Regulated products destroyed at Kazan airport.


Regulated products destroyed at Kazan airport.

21 December 2013. Employees of the Kazan International Airport detained passengers who arrived from Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. In their luggage was discovered products that are considered to be regulated in the territory of the Russian Federation. What kind of product was withdrawn - do not specify.

The total weight of the seized baggage was 63 kg. Employees of the Rosselkhoznadzor department burned all products in special recycled furnaces. The process of destruction was followed by specialists of the department. The men were sent to the airport police station to clarify the circumstances. 

Under Stalin, it would be regarded as -vreditelstvo, and Kara, respectively. I wonder how-now? Fine-and Goodbye? Crap, friends now? I wish that these crimes were regarded as crimes against the people and punished according to law.