Suspicious cargo planes will force down in Honduras


Suspicious cargo planes will force down in Honduras

19 January 2014. The Parliament of Honduras approved a bill to destroy aircraft that would be suspected of transporting narcotic drugs.

The project was created to reduce the entry of cocaine and other types of drugs into the territory of the United States of America across the border with the country.

Aircraft may be in Honduran airspace only after 06: 00 morning until 18: 00 evening. Also pointed out that the altitude should not exceed meters 5500 and 550 speed km / h. If these rules are not maintained, the aircraft of the Air Force of Honduras will take off after suspicious aircraft.

It will be released after a beep that it is necessary to make a landing at the nearest airport for a thorough inspection. If you ignore all of the requirements of the force will be applied to the aircraft. Order on the disposal of suspect aircraft gives only the Minister of Defense.





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