Units of the British special forces SBS were thrown into Ukraine through neighboring Poland

British special forces were abandoned in Ukraine.

Despite the fact that NATO countries deny the participation of their military in the conflict in Ukraine, it became known that in reality, special British units are actively operating on Ukrainian territory, providing all kinds of support to the Ukrainian military during special operations. Information on this subject is given by the British editions of "Sunday mirror" and "The Sun".

According to the data provided by the British media, British special forces not only train the Ukrainian military, but are also located directly on the territory of Ukraine. At the moment, it is known that we are talking about services such as SBS and, presumably, SAS. The latter, apparently, have been on the territory of Ukraine for quite a long time. The transfer of British special forces was carried out through neighboring Poland.

“It became known that the Dorset-based Special Boat Service (SBS) went to Ukraine to train specialists from the Ukrainian 73rd Naval Special Purpose Center. A source in the military told the Sunday Mirror: "The 73rd Division became the edge of the sword and provided the composition of the combat forces that landed on Snake Island.", - reports the tabloid "The Sun".

To date, this is the first evidence that the operating units of NATO countries are located on the territory of Ukraine, while London prefers not to comment on the information that has appeared on this score.


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