The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the settlement. Kolodezi and Green Valley, and cut the road to Liman

Ukrainian troops entered two more settlements of the DPR and blocked the most important highway.

The unexpected offensive of the Ukrainian troops in the Liman direction began tonight. According to the Telegram channel Rybar, the Ukrainian military managed to enter the territory of the settlements of Kolodezi and Zelenaya Dolina. This made it possible to cut the most important route linking Svatovo, Makeevka, Terny and Liman. This immediately led to the start of an attack on the settlement of Drobyshevo.

“The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine occupied Kolodezi, Zelenaya Dolina and cut the road Svatovo - Makeevka - Terny - Liman. The last road connecting the Liman garrison with the territory controlled by the allied forces passes through Zarechnoye-Torskoye. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are attacking the villages from the north from the village of Kolodezi and from the south - from the bridgehead on the banks of the Seversky Donets "- сообщает "Telegram" channel "Rybar".

The same information is confirmed by the journalists of the WarGonzo project, noting that the Ukrainian military launched a surprise attack on the settlement of Drobyshevo, occupying the highway connecting this settlement with the settlement of Torskoye.

“There is urgent information from the field that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ed.) were able to break through to the Torskoye-Drobyshevo highway in the Stavkov area, thus effectively cutting off Bars-13 (“Russian Legion”) from the main highway. There is a tough fight going on. Our heroes are cutting and doing everything to hold their positions and prevent the enemy from gaining a foothold. The situation is extremely difficult"- сообщают journalists of the "WarGonzo" project.

It is not known how critical the situation is at the moment, however, literally 36 hours before that, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out remote mining of the area of ​​​​the settlement of Torskoye, probably trying to prevent the transfer of additional forces.


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