Western special forces units have already arrived on the territory of Ukraine

According to the Financial Times, Western special forces units are already present in Ukraine, although this has not been officially announced. The information, citing a senior European military official, highlights the West's unofficial involvement in the Ukrainian conflict and the desire to create "uncertainty" in relations with Russia.

“Everyone knows that Western special forces are present in Ukraine, they just haven’t announced it officially.”, the publication reports.

Statements by French President Emmanuel Macron about the possibility of sending military contingents to Ukraine are perceived as part of this strategy.

At a recent conference in Paris, initiated by Macron, support for Ukraine was discussed. Despite discussion of the possibility of sending soldiers, consensus was not reached among the meeting participants, including representatives of Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Subsequent statements from the authorities of many European countries indicated that there was no intention to send military contingents to help Kyiv.

France has tried to clarify its position, with Foreign Minister Stephane Sejournet insisting that a Western military presence in Ukraine would not amount to complicity in the conflict. Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu said there was no talk of war with Russia, emphasizing the normality of thinking about additional assistance to Ukraine.

The Kremlin's reaction to Macron's words was sharp. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that such actions will inevitably lead to a direct military clash between Russia and NATO, considering the discussion of sending troops to Ukraine an important new moment in the development of the situation.

However, it should be noted that information about the presence of foreign military personnel in the conflict zone has been circulating for quite a long time. Earlier it was reported that NATO officers could be on the territory of the AzovStal enterprise, and Lieutenant Colonel of the LPR NM Andrei Marochko reported the alleged arrival of career NATO officers in the Kharkov region. However, this information has not received any official confirmation from the Russian Ministry of Defense - foreign mercenaries are involved in the conflict, but not regular NATO troops.


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