US military base


Confirmed data on missile attack on US military base in Iraq

Information about an attack on a US military base in Iraq was confirmed. Middle Eastern media, citing the Iraqi military command, reported that a missile attack was carried out on a military base in the province of Salah al-Din.

At least two missiles reportedly hit the Balad military base.

The casualties have not yet been reported, but there is evidence of damage to the infrastructure of the Balad base by ammunition explosions, in particular, the damage to the base's outer fencing by missiles.

Some sources put forward a version that “unknown persons could deliberately try to destroy the fence of the base in order to conduct direct shelling of servicemen in the future”.

A small number of US military personnel and employees of the security company Sallyport Global are located at the base, which has undergone rocket attacks. This is a private PMC engaged in operations related to the transportation of hydrocarbons. There are speculations that employees of this company may be involved in escorting oil tankers arriving from the Syrian fields, where illegal production is controlled by US troops.

It is worth recalling that the United States has been announcing its plans to withdraw its military contingent from Iraq for a long time. But American troops are still on the territory of this state, which they themselves have turned into ruins in a relatively short time.