Submarine in the Mediterranean attacked Israeli fighters

Israeli fighter jets are attacked by an unknown submarine off the coast of Syria.

According to the Israeli publication Israel Hayom, during the latest Israeli attack on Syria, a very strange incident occurred - Israeli warplanes were attacked by an unknown submarine. It is reported that the missiles fired failed to hit Israeli aircraft and did not pose a danger, however, according to the Israeli publication, there are not many submarines equipped with air defense equipment in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom reported that a Russian submarine fired missiles at an Israeli aircraft that was bombing targets in Syria. Israel Hayom points out that "Israel is trying to find out if this could signal a change in position regarding the freedom of movement of Israeli aircraft in Syria.", - gives the data resource "Zap Press"

Due to the lack of official statements on this subject, so far it is impossible to unambiguously state which particular submarine we are talking about, however, experts believe that if such a case really took place, then this could be a very powerful signal for Israel in the region, especially considering the fact that the latter only intensifies the confrontation with Russia in Syria.


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