The submarine "Veliky Novgorod" inflicted 14 strikes with "Caliber" on the Syrian militants

The Russian diesel-electric submarine "Veliky Novgorod" inflicted 14 strikes with "Caliber" missiles on the Syrian militants.

The commander of the Russian diesel-electric submarine Veliky Novgorod reported that the submarine took part in the actual strikes with Kalibr cruise missiles on jihadist positions in Syria. Reported about 14 launches of cruise missiles "Caliber", each of which successfully and quickly hit its target.



“Caliber rocket” is a rocket torpedo, first the torpedo is launched, after which part of the torpedo is removed and then the rocket follows through the air sections, like a rocket. This submarine made 14 missile launches, the launches were made in several salvos. We are talking about the defeat of terrorist facilities in Syria "- said the commander of the submarine "Veliky Novgorod" Denis Sopin.

According to information provided by the Syrian media, the Russian military is actively using cruise missiles to strike militants and terrorists, and for the latter it has always suffered very serious losses.

A few weeks ago, Russia resumed its fierce attacks on Syrian militants and jihadists, which indicates that, if necessary, the Russian fleet can instantly join the offensive phase.

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