NATO submarines no longer risk approaching Russian naval base in Syria after 2018 incident

An incident near a Russian naval base in 2018 discouraged NATO from approaching the coast of Syria.

According to military analysts, foreign warships have not approached the Russian military base in Syrian Tartus for three years now, realizing that after the incident in 2018, there are very serious risks for almost any foreign navy intending to escalate the situation against Russia on Middle East.

According to British military experts, after two Russian submarines for a long time simulated an attack on a British submarine that tried to contain Russia in Syria in 2018, there is no longer any desire to send their warships and submarines to the Russian naval base.

Experts draw attention to the fact that in 2018 the UK was confident that a submarine sent to the coast of Syria would go unnoticed and could strike if necessary, however, according to The Times, while the British military was deciding whether attacking Syria, because of the chemical weapons allegedly used by the SAA, two Russian submarines drove a British Astute-class submarine for several days throughout the eastern Mediterranean, preparing to respond in the event of the slightest aggression against both Syria and Russia, since judging by the location of the discovery of the submarine, the cruise missiles were supposed to be sent through the Russian naval base in Tartus and the Russian Aerospace Forces base "Khmeimim".

It should be noted that today Russia has the most powerful fleet in the entire eastern Mediterranean, and this, obviously, forced NATO to abandon further escalation with the involvement of its fleet, although it became known a day earlier that a large aircraft carrier strike a group led by the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth.