Train with American armored vehicles for Ukraine derailed

Dozens of units of American armored vehicles were damaged as a result of an emergency with a weapons train for Ukraine.

In the near future, Ukraine will not be able to receive from the United States military armored vehicles supplied through the Mediterranean countries. The reason for this was the incident, as a result of which a massive train with armored vehicles, tanks and unknown weapons in closed shipping containers derailed in Greece.

Initially, it was reported that military equipment was to be sent to Greece, however, as it turned out, this is only part of the information. It is known that part of the military equipment was indeed intended for deployment in Greece, however, some of the armored vehicles and weapons were also sent to Ukraine.

Remarkable is the fact that the incident itself occurred under very mysterious circumstances. According to Greek observers, the unexpected derailment of the train took place on a straight section of the track. At the same time, the speed of movement of the train was low. This does not exclude the possibility that it could be a targeted sabotage, arranged to prevent the supply of weapons to both Greece and Ukraine.


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