Parade of the Ukrainian fleet


"Look! It is floating!" The parade of the Ukrainian fleet was ridiculed around the world

Ukraine decided to hold a parade of warships, but they did not sail.

The Ukrainian military parade became a real disgrace for the Ukrainian Navy, as it was clarified not only throughout the world, but also by the Ukrainians themselves. The ridicule is mainly due to the fact that Ukraine did not have real warships - the flagship of the Ukrainian fleet Getman Sagaidachny is perhaps the only combat-capable ship in service with the Ukrainian fleet.

Spectators did not hide their ridicule and immediately emphasized that Ukraine has no real fleet.

“And a lot of it happened on the“ parade ”?”

"Floats! Take a look! It swims! ”

“Somehow weak. Some boats and dry cargo vessels "

“A ship with tail number A512 is like an old fishing seiner, painted and slightly remade ... The beauty and pride of the Ukrainian Navy”

“And didn’t the“ pride ”of Ukraine appear, the Zaporizhzhia submarine with the pier welded to it? Maybe they’re pulling her down? ”

Obviously, the command of the Ukrainian Navy did not expect such a reaction from the audience, and remained unsatisfied with criticism, however, in reality, Kiev simply does not have other options today.

The "Sagaidachny" body is full of holes like a "penny." In the first serious campaign, it will fall into two parts.