Boeing 777 MH370


The search for the missing flight MH370 will be discontinued in the coming days

Experts intend to stop searching for the missing Boeing 777 Flight MH370.

The operation to search for the missing aircraft almost a year ago has already become one of the most expensive in the history of aviation, however, it was not possible to find traces of the crash of the Malaysian airliner.

At the moment, several versions are considered, from the fall of the aircraft to the Indian Ocean, and ending with the hijacking of the aircraft. On board the aircraft was 239 people, including both passengers and crew, but their fate remains unknown.

During the search and rescue operation, experts examined about 200 thousand square kilometers, but not the slightest hint of a plane crash was identified. The official report on the reasons for the disappearance of the Boeing 777 passenger airliner MH370 flight should be made public on March 7, on the eve of its disappearance, but skeptics are certain that no reliable information will be provided in the report, because of its absence as such.


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