The first production Su-57 is shown - assembly is in a hurry

Published a photo of the first Russian fifth-generation serial fighter.

The first Russian fifth-generation fighter of mass production of Russian VKS will be received before the end of this year. This is evidenced by official statements and relevant materials demonstrating the fact that the assembly of the Russian combat aircraft is already in full swing.

Nevertheless, experts pay attention to the fact that, judging by the assembly stage, the transfer of the first production Su-57 to Russian troops is still under a very big question.

“There is not much time left until the end of the year, however, judging by the degree of readiness, the first Russian Su-57 is still far from the transfer of the airborne forces. Obviously, the assembly work is in a hurry, although you should not rush into this process ”, - the expert marks.

Analysts draw attention to the fact that with the start of mass production, many problems are revealed, and therefore the same “break-in” of a combat aircraft may require more time than planned.

“Any inaccuracy in the stamping of the hull elements of the fuselage, in contrast to single samples, a slightly different material composition, an accidental defect - all this can lead to the fact that the aircraft may not take off at all. An attempt to send the first production Su-57 to the troops before the end of the year is a serious risk. ”- sums up the expert.