Witness testimony in the case of the downed Boeing 777 over Donbass refuted the version of Russia's involvement

Witness testimonies about the downed Boeing 777 do not agree

In the Netherlands, a trial was held in the case of the downed Boeing 777 aircraft. Recall that in 2014 a civilian airliner performed a scheduled flight on the Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur route, but was hit by a Buk air defense missile system, and as a result of the disaster, all people on board were killed. board.

The international investigation team, together with the investigating judge, heard for the first time eyewitness accounts, they interviewed 20 people who either saw the trail of a rocket in the sky that day, or who claim to have heard the noise and explosion. However, the testimony of the witnesses does not match. Most of the respondents argued that the launch was made near Saur-Mogila near the urban-type settlement of Pervomaisky, Donetsk region, which was under the control of the DPR.

But in turn, at the same time, there were two witnesses who testified that the rocket was launched in the area of ​​Amvrosievka, where the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are located. The court did not take into account the testimony of these witnesses, since it considered that this place was far away for the complex. However, in fact, a missile fired from this area could shoot down the liner.

At the moment, the court is considering only one version, which is that a Boeing 777 civilian aircraft was hit by a Russian Buk air defense missile system from a position controlled by the DPR.

What material should I add a comment to? To the court, which has already passed or to Peskov?