Pulkovo Airport


Police searched for a bomb at Pulkovo airport

Unknown mined a plane at the airport Pulkovo.

According to information available to the information resource Avia.pro, on the eve of the night, about 17 hours 40 minutes, unknown persons by phone reported that one of the planes of Pulkovo Airport has an explosive device. After receiving information about the mining, the airport security service together with the police began to immediately check the incoming data, inspecting the aircraft for suspicious objects, but even a thorough search did not reveal any traces of explosives, due to which the message was regarded as false.

According to information received from the employees of Pulkovo International Airport, in the course of the measures taken, the evacuation of passengers and airport personnel was not carried out, so that a false message about the presence of a bomb did not affect the operation of the air hub.

At the moment, the police is taking measures to trace unknown persons.


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