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Police: The death of a 24-year-old passenger could be caused by drugs

A passenger who died on board a Lisbon-London flight could have been a drug courier.

This past day information portal has already reported on the case of inappropriate behavior and subsequent death 24-year-old passengers traveling from Lisbon to London, at the same time, the police released after a preliminary investigation, information that psychotropic substances were found in the luggage of a passenger who died that , According to some assumptions, a man could take before the flight, which became, in the final analysis, the main circumstance of such strange behavior. In addition, it is possible that it is because of drug use and there was the death of the passenger, although at the moment it is not installed.

Officially, the investigation is still ongoing, but the police notes that it is the preliminary reports that are most likely to lead to a final conclusion about the situation.


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