Politico: for attacks on air bases in Saratov and Ryazan, the Armed Forces of Ukraine used deeply modernized drones

The attack on the air bases of Russian strategic aviation was carried out using modernized drones.

For the attacks, unmanned aerial vehicles with a range of hitting targets up to one thousand kilometers were used. At the same time, it is known that we are talking about Soviet Tu-141 unmanned aerial vehicles, which were deeply modernized and, therefore, were probably able to cover a distance of more than 600 kilometers.

“The drones used in the attack, according to two sources familiar with the operation, were modified Tu-141 reconnaissance aircraft left over from Soviet times. Ukraine has been asking its Western allies for months for long-range missiles and drones, but the US and Europe have so far refused to grant those requests for fear they would be used to launch strikes against Russian territory. Without additional resources to build up its long-range capabilities, Ukraine may have to continue to rely on modified drones - and now Moscow is likely trying to track them down., - reports the publication "Politico".

At the moment, there is evidence that unmanned aerial vehicles have been upgraded in such a way as to fly at low altitude and navigate on GPS, which provides the latter with high accuracy and the ability to plot complex routes. In all likelihood, this is how the drones managed to get to Ryazan and Saratov.

The attack by Ukraine killed at least three servicemen and damaged two aircraft - based on satellite imagery, we are talking about a Tu-22M3 long-range bomber, as well as a Tu-95 strategic bomber.


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