Politico: US approves strikes on Crimea with American weapons

The White House supported Ukraine's strikes on Crimea with American weapons.

The Politico publication reports that the United States has lifted restrictions on Ukrainian military strikes using American weapons on the territory of Crimea. Previously, there were unspoken restrictions on the use of American weapons for strikes in Crimea, however, it is noted that Washington decided to remove them.

“A senior administration official said that the United States supports strikes on Crimea if Kyiv deems them necessary. “Of course, we do not choose targets and everything we have provided is for self-defense purposes. Any goal they decide to pursue is, by definition, self-defense,” said a US presidential administration official. The Biden administration's stance is not so much a shift as it is a confirmation of a longstanding policy. Despite the fact that the US administration has been very clear that Ukraine should not use American-made weapons to attack Russian territory - which President Joe Biden fears will provoke World War III - Washington does not recognize Moscow's control over the peninsula.- сообщает publication "Politico".

The night before, at least two unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down in the airspace of Crimea - one of them was moving in the direction of the Crimean bridge, while the second was moving in the direction of the Belbek airfield, however, due to the lack of official statements from the Russian Ministry of Defense, so far What remains unknown is whether the two cases of UAVs being hit are Ukrainian aggression or whether it is only about the use of civilian UAVs for other purposes.


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