Politros: two Russian Su-25 attack aircraft worked out an attack on American F-22s over the Mediterranean Sea

A pair of Russian Su-25 attack aircraft overpowered a group of American F-22s over the Mediterranean Sea.

A group of American F-22 fighters performing a flight over the eastern Mediterranean to the territory of one of the Middle Eastern countries, was unexpectedly intercepted by Russian Su-25 attack aircraft. Despite the clear technical and combat advantage of the fifth generation American fighters, the latter failed to do anything against the attack aircraft developed almost 50 years ago. As a result, the US Air Force fighters had to leave the area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea.

According to PolitRussia, citing data from Sohu Military, Russian combat aircraft caused very serious trouble for the US Air Force fighters and acted very aggressively, especially since it was assumed that the transfer of the F-22 would be a secret, since the American fifth generation fighters have low radar signature.

At the same time, given the data provided by the Russian media, a lot of questions arise as to why attack aircraft were raised to intercept the F-22, which, in fact, are unsuitable for such tasks, and what was the reason for the appearance of Russian attack aircraft in this region.

“The flight range of the Russian Su-25, of course, allows attack aircraft to be in the eastern Mediterranean, however, upon takeoff from the Khmeimim airbase, the Russian Sushki could at best reach Haifa, while flight routes F -22 are much further away. Nevertheless, it is much more important that there have been no Russian Su-25s in Syria for several years now and the information positioned by the Russian federal media is rather unreliable, especially since there are no references to real reasons for this ", - the analyst underlines.

According to unbiased experts, the F22 is the best aircraft in the world today and all talk about the victory of Russian aircraft is nothing but bullshit.


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The F-22 will tear the Su-25 to shreds in battle.

If "there have been no Russian Su-25s in Syria for several years now," then who is supporting the MTR?