Complete demoralization: Azerbaijan destroyed the vehicle of the NKR Ministry of Defense, the army commander was killed. Video

The head of the NKR defense department was liquidated by an Azerbaijani drone.

The Artsakh army turned out to be completely demoralized after a few hours ago an Azerbaijani unmanned aerial vehicle with a direct blow destroyed the vehicle in which NKR Defense Minister Jalal Harutyunyan was traveling. A number of sources in Armenia confirm information that it was the car with Jalal Harutyunyan who was inside the attack, but information about the death of the head of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic's defense department has not been confirmed - there is evidence that the latter was injured, but survived.

Judging by the presented video frames, all those who were in the destroyed vehicle died, however, NKR officials do not comment on the data provided by the Azerbaijani side.

It is noteworthy that the death of Jalal Harutyunyan led to the demoralization of the military in Artsakh, in particular, the loss of several key regions on the territory of Karabakh is reported, while the fighting moved to the eastern border of Armenia and the self-proclaimed NKR.

Currently, active military clashes are taking place in 45% of the territory of Karabakh.

After such an explosion and scattered corpses, Harutyunyan says that the Minister of Defense is easily wounded and will appear soon. As always, false propaganda, in which they themselves believe.

Very sorry. I saw him recently in a program with Solovyov. young man, family, children! Azerbaijan attacked Karabakh, not vice versa. Think about it, killers!

I thought my grandfather finished off all the fascists in 1945 ...