Syria explosion


Complete devastation: a fantastic hit by a Russian air bomb hit the video

The blow of the Russian air bomb ODAB-500 hit the video.

The editors of the portal had at their disposal a unique video that captured the moment when the Russian military aviation attacked the positions of jihadists in Syria. On the presented video frames you can see how, after dropping the bomb directly on the heads of the militants, the latter literally blows everything in its path within a radius of several hundred meters, and this is without exaggeration.

On the presented video frames, you can see how, after the detonation of an aircraft munition, an explosive wave instantly propagates within a radius of several hundred meters, literally demolishing light objects on its way. It is, according to some reports, about the use of the ODAB-500 bomb, the so-called ammunition of a volume explosion. As can be judged by the presented video frames, there were absolutely no chances for surviving militants who were in the radius of destruction.

It should be clarified that previously it was reported that the Russian airspace forces used in Syria volumetric explosive ordnance, while air bombs themselves, as a rule, were used to eliminate large enemy forces or to destroy high-ranking figures in the ranks of terrorists.

When and in which region of Syria such video frames were made is unknown.