“The situation is critical, don’t waste time!”: Mass evacuation announced in Orenburg

A mass evacuation has been announced in Orenburg due to a critical rise in the water level in the Ural River, which has increased by 10 cm over the past 40 hours, reaching 1143 cm. The mayor of the city, Salmin, in his Telegram channel urgently called on residents to immediately evacuate.

Residents of the Grand Park residential complex, the villages named after Kuibyshev and Solnechny, 23 microdistricts, as well as settlements on Uralskaya and Donguzskaya streets and in the Aviagorodok and Ovchiny Gorodok districts are subject to evacuation.

“The situation is critical, don’t waste time!” — the mayor emphasized in his address.

The situation requires immediate action both from local authorities and from the citizens themselves. Municipal services and emergency services have been mobilized to organize and carry out evacuation measures in order to minimize possible risks to the life and health of citizens. It is recommended to follow the instructions of rescuers and temporarily move to safe areas designated by city authorities.


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