Poland began blockade of the border with Belarus, Lithuania is next in line

Poland began a blockade of the border with neighboring Belarus.

A few hours ago, the Polish authorities approved a decision to block land border crossings with neighboring Belarus. According to preliminary data, border crossings with Belarus were blocked by opponents of the current Belarusian authorities, while there is information that the blockade was caused by the flow of illegal migrants, since the Belarusian authorities refused to interact with the Polish side to curb illegal migration to the EU.

Warsaw does not officially comment on such a blockade with neighboring Belarus, however, the day before, the Belarusian media reported that Lithuania was also ready to take such measures - there was an attempt to block the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, however, Vilnius decided to abandon such measures.

It should be noted that earlier Poland banned the aircraft of Belarusian airlines from entering the country's airspace, which does not exclude the possibility that in the near future Belarus will be completely cut off access to Europe.

The main reason for the significant deterioration in relations between Minsk and the EU was the forced landing of the RyanAir plane with the Belarusian oppositionist on board. Nevertheless, analysts believe that due to the actions of the West, Belarus will begin to seriously deepen relations with Russia.

And the Lithuanians are also going to ... block the Desna River ?!
It is easy to swim anywhere :) And there is no barbed wire on the banks ...